Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka

l was born in Bangladesh , where political violence and social injustice are widespread. I came to England at a young age and has developed my practice in opposition to early experiences of oppression, entering on exploration of creative expression, social justice and environmentalism. By using the medium best suited to a project or line of enquiry.

I am a member of Primary Gallery and a participant artist for New Midlands Group in Nottingham. I am an Associate Artist at New Art Exchange, Nottingham where I develop and deliver their After School Art Clubs – predominantly comprising of young migrants. I support participants to explore their cultural heritage or roots and their futures.

In 2020 my work addressing the anxiety and the hope that surrounds freedom was presented at the international festival AIS OPEN 2020 An Indian Summer Exhibition in Leicestershire.

In 2020/21 I began ‘Covid 19 and Creativity’, a photographic, text-based and social engaged project exploring how imagination can overcome restrictions, with a focus on individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds in Nottingham.

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